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Types of services

Types of services

Our services are available to all legal entities - participants in foreign economic activity and those who want to become them. It is the ability to establish trusting relationships with each partner who applies that enables us to find and create solutions focused on the client.


For the delivery and customs clearance of export products, it is necessary to follow the sequence of steps for the preparation of documents and certificates for cargo transportation and export customs clearance.


For the import of goods, a cargo customs declaration, shipping documents, certificates of origin of goods, etc. are required.

Temporary importation

Temporary import is a customs procedure in which foreign goods are used for a specified period in the customs territory of the customs union with conditional exemption, full or partial, from payment of import customs duties and taxes and without applying non-tariff regulation measures, followed by placement under the customs procedure for re-export.

And other services

We will do all these documentation procedures for you. The level of complexity of such an operation depends on the type of customs activities. So, for example, it can be re-export or short-term import, customs transit or re-import of goods that have not been sold, and in each case you have to adhere to specific rules and provide a strictly regulated set of official papers.

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