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We provide our customers with a full package of related warehouse services.


the process of creating a universal and most compact shipping unit for any packaged product

Packing in a wooden box

closed on all sides shipping container with a body having a cross-section parallel to the bottom, mainly in the shape of a rectangle, with a bottom, two end and side walls, with or without a lid


type of rigid packaging (wooden frame) in which fragile items and products are packed

Packing in a cardboard box

Considered as sufficient packaging if it ensures the safety of the transported goods

Packing in stretch film

the material not only retains its strength, but also tightens the goods, ensuring the integrity and stability of the package, protects against adverse weather conditions


can be used both for acceptance and shipment of consignments of goods, and for determining the balance

Unloading and loading of goods

use of warehouse equipment (stackers, loaders)

Washing and marking

the service is provided by additional agreement based on the individual needs of the client
Our guarantees

Our guarantees

  • Reliable security system
  • High level of service
  • High-quality handling and sorting of cargo
  • Product support with all necessary documentation
  • Instructions and descriptions of goods
  • Storage, sorting and repackaging of goods
  • Quality control
  • Certificate of origin for goods
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