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Purchase of goods from your supplier in Russia

Purchase of goods with a complete accounting package

The service includes:

  • Certification
  • Payment for goods
  • International transportation
  • Customs clearance of goods
  • Conclusion of a foreign trade contract with a manufacturer
  • Currency transactions, buying currency on the exchange and currency control

Service execution process


for delivery

You send us the name of the product, technical description, also the availability of permits, etc.


Definition of documents

Having studied the documents and the classification of goods according to the EAEU nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade, we will find out the necessary package of documents to fill out the DT


of a contract

Determination of the cost of the service and discussion of all the details of the transaction, the conclusion of the contract, the execution of the contract


Preparation of documents

Preparation of documents and filling in DT by Declarants, submission to the customs authorities. Continuous monitoring of the process and feedback from customs authorities


Release of DT
by customs authorities

The final stage of customs formalities, the release of DT by customs authorities

What goods are prohibited from being imported into the Republic of Uzbekistan?

Products prohibited for import:

  • Meat
  • Antiques
  • Sugar and cereals
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Electronics
  • Cereals
  • Medicinal plants
  • Ozone depleting substances
  • Flour and bakery products
  • Raw hides and silkworm cocoons

In addition, temporary restrictions may be imposed on the import of certain goods: vehicles, oil products, etc.

Export of goods to Uzbekistan is subject to taxation - payment of indirect taxes in the importing country. It does not matter what taxation system the importer is on. Key features for export and list of documents:

  • For goods intended for movement within the CIS countries, it is necessary to issue the Certificate of Origin "ST-1". This document is required to obtain a preference in the form of exemption from the payment of duties. If it is not provided, the imported products are subject to duty in full.
  • Confirmation of zero VAT rate within 180 calendar days from the date of shipment of the goods.
  • To confirm the zero rate, the following package of documents is required:
  • Copy of the foreign economic contract
  • Transaction passport
  • Copies of shipping documents (invoice, TORG-12 consignment note)
  • A copy of the transport document, depending on the type of transport - SMR, air waybill, railway waybill
  • Declaration for goods (DT)
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