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Efficiency of cargo delivery. We are experts in the field of groupage cargo transportation and understand the business needs for cost optimization. We guarantee the timely delivery of rolling stock.

Transportation in Russia

Transportation in Russia

We can deliver from any city to any corner of the country

Our company has a wide agent network at Russian airports.

  • Registration of export and import in the customs authorities of Russia
  • External economic contract audit
  • Exporter services
  • Obtaining opinions on dual-use goods
  • Export Trademark Assistance
  • Registration of temporary import / export of goods
  • Certificate of origin for goods

Frequently Asked Questions

The advantages of road transport are versatility, modern vehicles allow you to transport almost any type of cargo, including dangerous and oversized. One of the biggest benefits is cost.

  • What kind of cargo can we transport?

    We deliver all kinds of products. We also work with goods that require special handling. Our experts follow the changes in the legal regulation of air transportation both in Russia and in the world traffic. We guarantee the clients of the transport and logistics provider a safe and prompt delivery of any cargo characteristics. Prestige Cargo employees are thoroughly familiar with the norms of transportation of dangerous goods and notify customers in advance about the peculiarities of the transportation of goods requiring special handling.

  • Our company uses adapted cargo vehicles for road transport in Russia, to the CIS countries and other countries.

  • We organize road transport from and to Russia. International road transport of goods in Europe. Trucking in all directions.

  • When transporting by road, the rules of international and state regulation of the transportation of goods are carefully monitored. Our specialists carefully monitor compliance with all instructions and also draw up related documentation. With us, you save time on the preparation of shipping documents, customs declarations, invoices, etc.

  • -Warehouse services
    -Assistance in customs clearance
    -Transportation of dangerous goods
    -Purchase of goods

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